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Indigenous Languages

The study of language is central to ԰AV’s distinct Indigenous identity. Our programs offer students a unique opportunity to combine the study of Indigenous languages with that of the Linguistics or Indigenous Education programs. Students can pursue the following: 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Cree or Anihšināpēmowin (Previously listed Saulteaux)
  • Bachelor of Arts (another program) with a Minor in Language or Linguistics 
  • Minor within Arts or Education for any of the five languages (Cree, Dakota, Dene, Nakota and Anihšināpēmowin) 
  • First Nations Language Instructors’ Certificate (FNLIC) for six languages (Anihšināpēmowin, Dene, Nakota, Dakota, Mohawk, and Cree)

Language courses explore conversational fluency, structure, writing systems, literatures, principles of translation, and oral traditions. Linguistics provides the tools to study and talk about language as part of a comprehensive program designed to assist students in following their passion. 

Our programs aim to instill in students a sense of pride in the knowledge and use of Indigenous languages. Introductory courses include language lab activities. Some courses are also available for online delivery.  

This is a good choice if you are interested in: 

  • Helping to identify and get a sense of belonging within First Nations culture 
  • Obtaining a minor in language to complement your Education degree 
  • Obtaining a degree in language study and linguistics 
  • Working towards a Master degree in Speech Pathology (helping children and teachers in your home communities) 

Careers Include: 

  • Language Instructor/Teacher 
  • հԲٴǰ/Գٱٱ

Program Available At: 

  • All Campuses
  • First Nations Language Instructors’ Certificate (Under development – For 2024)

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