԰AV Receives Significant Contribution for “Every Child Matters” Bursary

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԰AV Receives Significant Contribution for “Every Child Matters” Bursary

June 10, 2024

Regina, SK – The “Every Child Matters” bursary, established annually by Pasqua First Nation Group of Companies Inc. and Pro Metal Industries, remains a vital source of support for Indigenous students. This initiative, which began with the Every Child Matters Feather Project—a metal feather initiative—aims to raise awareness about the history of residential schools in Canada and support the educational journeys of children and descendants of residential school survivors.

The Feather Project’s successful launch in 2021 led to a generous donation of $25,000 from Pro Metal Industries, PFN Group of Companies, and Pasqua First Nation leadership, benefitting Indigenous students at educational institutions across Canada. In 2022, Pro Metal Industries contributed an additional $16,500 to the “Every Child Matters” bursary.

In a recent ceremony, Dr. Jacqueline Ottmann, President of ԰AV, received a substantial $30,000 contribution to the “Every Child Matters” bursary from Mark Brown, President of Pro Metal Industries Ltd.; Treena Amyotte, Director of Business Development at PFN Group of Companies Inc.; and Richard Missens, CEO/President of PFN Group of Companies Inc.

These contributions, along with the renewed Terms of Agreement, will allow ԰AV to double its “Every Child Matters” bursary disbursements for the upcoming academic year, greatly enhancing the support available to Indigenous students.

“The support from Pasqua First Nation Group of Companies and Pro Metal Industries is instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission to provide quality education and support to Indigenous students,” said Dr. Ottmann. “Their commitment to the ‘Every Child Matters’ bursary underscores the importance of reconciliation and the ongoing efforts to address the impacts of residential schools on Indigenous communities.”

The “Every Child Matters” bursary continues to honor the legacy of residential school survivors and their descendants, ensuring that their educational aspirations are supported and recognized.

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