Chlorosoil Claim Policy

Chlorosoil Claim Policy

  1. As a seller we do our best to secure our plants beautifully, but in import activity sometimes transit during shipment can be brutal for certain packages and this can be part of the risk of buying a living plant.

  2. As a seller we’ll try to be as responsible as we could and give you a win-win solution for both of us. First we can give you 1 times a replacement plant without shipping fee added or 60% maximum replacement money with the condition that shipping fee and phytosanitary certificate costs are the buyers responsible.

  3. When the package has arrived, the customers should make an UNBOXING VIDEO, photo of the plants, and the phytosanitary certificate’s picture as the proof.

  4. Refund can be only applied to the plants that have totally damaged/dead when its arrive (leaves, stems, and roots). If it’s only leaves such as yellowing, we won’t refund the plant. Because it is a part of shipping risk and it's a normal case.

  5. If the customer curses and bad mouthing on our social media, then we won’t process the refund. Please make sure to respect each other.

  6. The Paypal case is not a solution, if you guys ask us properly and nicely. As a seller, we won’t make all the process difficult. We are hoping for a good and healthy business relation between seller and buyer.

If you guys have any questions and inquiries. 

Please do not hesitate to reach us on 

Thank you and let’s be happy with our plants!

Sincerely yours,

Chlorosoil Team