About Us

CHLOROSOIL as Your Green Partner!
Dear Chloro Friends,
We don’t just want to sell you plants, we want to sell you the value of planting. Our mission is building a connection to all people who seek for cultivate sustainability of cleaner and happier lives from gardening. As we believe, plants can bring so much joy, happiness and benefit for all of us.
We started this company to share our joy for plants with our friends, and we would love to have you in our circle. By sharing this sustainability good lifestyle with you, we really hope you will do the same for others. There is evidence that humans thrive in the presence of plants and trees, and plants can be one of the most important things among people nowadays. So let us help you and your friends bring these little miracles into your home.
We are ready to be your supporter!
We could provide the tropical plants to your home based on your request, your style and your budget.
Let’s create real magic with our green friends, because happiness is in the way for you!
With love,
Chlorosoil Team