1. Where are you guys located? We sent the plants from Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

2. What is the estimate time take to process the package after place the order?
In Indonesia now there is a new regulation due to export activity. The documents export and phytosanitary must be fulfil before we send the plants. The whole process takes 5-6 weeks to be done.

3. Do you guys offer guarantee if the package arrive damage? We can offer 1 time replacement plants or maximum 60% replacement money if the entire plant is damaged with shipping conditions and other costs are the buyer responsibility.

4. What about the checking fees or taxes in the destination country? As a seller we responsible to take care the inspection in Indonesia, once the package has successfully delivered to the customer. All the taxes or inspection fees are buyer responsibility. So it’s better to check and make sure the customs regulation in your country first before placing an order.

5. Can I cancel my order?
After you place an order, the order can’t be cancelled. It means you have read and agree with what can we offer to you. But you can email us first to discuss about it.

6. What is the shipping vendor that you use? We are using DHL services as our shipping courier.

7. Are you able to send to all countries?
Yes we are, as long as the destination country receives and the consumer has an import permit (each country has different regulation).

8. How many steps to complete one package?
There are several steps we need to prepare before deliver the package.

1st step We need to register the export permit as a condition for making a phytosanitary certificate.

2nd step
All the plants should be tested in the government’s laboratory. This step is so important, because we want to make sure the plants that we send to you is healthy and good condition.

3rd  step
Making phytosanitary certificates and submit all the customer data to the Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia.

4th  step
The packaging process and shipping to the DHL.

9. Do I have to get an import permit before place an order?
Some countries require buyers to have an import permit, but there are also no need to submit the import permit.
Please ask the customs or the local agriculture ministry about this. For the example, if you are from the USA, the import permit is needed if you want to import more than 12 pcs. UK doesn’t require the import permit, but if you from Canada the import permit is needed without minimum pcs.

10. What is the maximum amount that I can buy in one shipment?
Depending on the regulations of the destination country and of course it depends on our stock. As long as you have the import permit and understand the regulation in your country, you can buy in bulk/large orders.

11. Where can I get a tracking number from my order? Once the package successfully delivered to you, we’ll inform the DHL tracking number to your email.