Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions of Chlorosoil House of Plants.

  1. We will send the package from the initial order, during Covid-19 pandemic. The capacity to deliver the package is 50 packages per week. Please kindly patience, we’ll surely send your package on time as fast as we can.
  2. We responsible to provide the phytosanitary certificate and invoice but the phytosanitary certificate fee is buyer’s responsible.
  3. As a seller we’ll responsible for all inspection in Indonesia. After the package successfully send to you, all the inspections in the destination country is buyer’s responsibility.
  4. The buyer is required to provide shipping instructions to comply with the regulations of the destination country, such as import permit and etc.
  5. If buyer not provide us the instructions then as a seller, we’ll use the usual standards and buyer has no right to claim if problem occurs.
  6. All the problem will solve in Family way, Paypal case claim is not a family way. If you have any questions or problem occurs. Feel free to email us first through : chlorosoilhouseplant@gmail.com
  7. Plants are sensitive creatures, and just like bronging a new pet home. Import activity can possibly cause damaged to the plants, it’s risk of shipping that must be received by the buyer.
  8. If the plants arrived damaged, dead or rotten. We can give a 60% maximum replacement will be carried out and the shipping cost will buyer responsibility or we can send the replacement plants.
  9. No REFUNDS unless there are other conditions agreed upon between seller and buyer.
  10. All forms of taxes and inspection fees in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.
  11. Regulations that apply in Indonesia for export are required to apply for an export permit which is a requirement for making a phytosanitary certificate, so all the buyer must wait patiently for export license to be issued.
  12. Every shipment made will be carried out check by a laboratory test by the Indonesian Plant Quarantine Agency. So all the buyer must wait for checking to finish.
  13. All the process after you placed an order will be take around 5-6 weeks to be done. The process will include register the document (the phytosanitary certificate), Legalize the document, Checking the plants in the laboratory and The packaging process.