Philodendron Florida Ghost. Check out that amazing new ghostly leaf! Imported from @chlorosoil and this is my first big beautiful leaf! #philodendron#philodendronfloridaghost#houseplants #houseplantdad#houseplanthobbyist #plantsagram

- sprouted_dad

Chlorosoil was amazing to work with start to finish. The plants arrived within 5 days to Massachusetts from Indonesia and all of the customs process was taken care of by Chlorosoil with the paperwork they provided. The plants all arrived healthy and as growing beautifully now. Would defiantly order from them again!

- Nichola

This was my first time importing plants to the United States and I feel like a great deal based on the quality of the plants that got shipped. Every plant I ordered arrived beautifully and with very healthy roots. Only issue would be the residue that’s on the leaves but that’s usually due to pesticide or something. all of the plants I ordered (Gloriosum, Florida Ghost, Crystallinum, Mayoi, Cuprea, Pinnatum) even had new growth points and leaves emerging. Products were beautifully packaged as well. Only issue I had were the import duties and fees, Just be prepared for that, but that’s the cost of importing.

- Christopher

It's another #monsteramonday with my standelevana albo! The hard water spots on the leaves are really bothering me but I'm going to keep it real and just enjoy the picture because that's what my plants look like most of the time anyway #monsterastandleyanavariegata #monsterastandleyanaalbo #monstera #plantparent #houseplantjournal

- happiihoya

Alocasia clypeolata Such a beautiful plant endemic to the Philippines. I combined the plant I received from @chlorosoil to make a fuller pot. Hope I'll have a lush one soon but my growing environment isn't as good as good old tropical Asia Happy Friday Jr. friends! ( #alocasiaclypeolata #alocasia #aroids

- cyrilcybernated
Nichola montt

Yayy! So excited

- Nichola montt

They look great I might do a video. I haven't posted on YouTube since May 2020, but I took some footage unboxing so hopefully will have enough to make a new video once I let them acclimate and everything

- Thicpotter
Jeffrey Alger

Ordered 4 plants and all came in amazing shape without any sign of root rot. All acclimated really well and have active growth. Will most certainly order again! 4 plants ordered: philodendron burle marx variegated, philodendron melanochrysum, philodendron mayoi and philodendron Florida ghost

- Jeffrey Alger
Jeff Alger

Ordered 4 plants, a variegated Burle Marx, philodendron mayoi, philodendron Florida ghost, and philodendron melanochrysum. All plants came quickly and were amazing upon arrival without any signs of root rot! Will most certainly order again!

- Jeff Alger